Lexington, Kentucky
United States

Springing from a lineage of Kentucky crafters, farmers, and herbalists, Koji founded her business in 2015. When she's not creating and testing products, she enjoys volunteering with Lasagna Love and Bluegrass Pug Rescue. Koji's is a Kentucky Proud Certified Minority Owned Business.

What's the difference between handmade soaps and what I can buy in a big box store?

Most soaps sold in mass quantities by retailers are:
A. Cheap to produce
B. Made with Palm Oil, (the harvesting of which is extremely harmful to indigenous peoples, rainforests and the animals who rely on them),
C. SLS, a very low-cost and potentially irritating chemical used to artificially increase lather

For some people, store bought soap is fine. However, for many sufferers of dry skin, eczema, acne, ect., significant improvement in the look and feel of skin is noticeable after only a week or two of using more natural skincare products.
Our soaps are made with my proprietary blend of coconut and olive oils, botanicals, essential oils, and colorants. Some contain fragrances, though any soap can be made fragrance- free by request.

Care instructions

Artisan soaps, especially those made without Palm Oil or artificial detergents, (like ours!), need to be kept dry when not in use. If you keep your soap in the shower, make sure there's a well-draining area for it to rest between washes. If bars are allowed to sit in water, they can get soft and will not last as long as those with proper drainage.

Custom and personalized orders

I am more than happy to work with you on custom soap and bath bomb requests! Just send me a message and we'll bring your ideas to life. 

I also offer bath bomb wholesale, please email kojisoaps@gmail.com for additional information. 


Buying from Koji's Soaps is always a treat. I enjoy the variety of soaps and seeing what new creations are in the store. They're all very playful and expertly made!
We've been ordering our soaps and scrubs and candles from this seller for a long time now. You just flat out can not find better quality at any price! My husband and daughter's refuse to use anything else now! Could not more highly recommend.
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